Setting up a new optical coating facility? Want to improve yields? Need to train technicians and engineers? Wondering if automation can lower costs?
Get the help you need from a qualified thin film consultant. is an association of recognized experts in high vacuum thin film technology, emphasizing but not limited to optical coating. Each expert offers unique capabilities as described below and in linked web sites.
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Fred T. Goldstein, Ph.D.
Princeton, New Jersey
+1 609 924-6222

Standard and Custom Software

Fred is president of FTG Software in Princeton, NJ and developer of the popular FilmStar software package for designing, monitoring and measuring optical thin films.

FilmStar includes powerful built-in programming tools and object compatibility with MS Excel and other Windows applications.

This permits Fred to offer low-cost custom thin film solutions which are not available elsewhere.

Examples include:

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  • System for measuring the optical performance of architectural windows and export to the 'LBL Window' application
  • Automation system for measuring and evaluating multiple filters
  • FilmStar spreadsheet model for analyzing and optimizing optical and thermal properties of satellite coatings
  • Color filter management using Ocean Optics spectrometer and FileMaker Pro database
  • Integrated approach to QA and color control in ophthalmic AR.

Mitsunobu Kobiyama
Tokyo, Japan

Optical Coating Consulting Services

M. Kobiyama is the founder and president of TECWAVE Corporation in Tokyo. He is a leading Japanese expert on optical thin films, associate researcher of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and the author of the following books:

Fundamental Theory of
Optical Thin Films (2002)

Design of Thin-Film
Optical Filters (2006)

With experience in many companies in diverse areas ranging from ophthalmic lenses to optical fiber communication, Kobi-san provides

  • Seminars and short courses throughout Japan
  • Technological guidance in thin film design and analysis
  • Optical coating management expertise
  • FilmStar sales and support in Japan

Ronald R. Willey
Charlevoix, Michigan
+1 231 237-9392

Coating Development and Education

Ron is president of Willey Optical Consultants in Charlevoix, Michigan. He has very broad experience in optical coating development, design, and production. 

Ron is well versed in optical and thin film design and fabrication. He is an experienced teacher, author of many technical papers as well as books Practical Design and Production of Optical Thin Films. Ron's specialties include:
  • Seminars and short courses at national meetings and at customer facilities.
  • Thin film design, optical monitoring, and analysis

He is also the inventor and manufacturer of the FAFNIR Plasma Source for optical coating.

Kevin (Xuanqian) Xu
Toronto, Canada
+1 647 728 3810
Mobile: +1 416 835 6668

Coating Design and Production

Xuanqian is a founder of Coatware. A graduate of Zhejiang University, Xuanqian specializes in thin films engineering. He has gained practical industrial experience at Oerlikon (previously Unaxis and Balzers) and received training in Colorado.

Coatware brings practical know-how to companies that can benefit from a hands-on approach. Xuanqian's familiarity with European and USA coating procedures offers companies new perspectives on maximizing production yields:

  • Optical coating design and transfer to production
  • Specializing in low-e coatings
  • Thin film management skills
  • FilmStar sales and support in China

Henry Orr
St. Andrews, Scotland
+44 7811 393140

Thin Film Design and Processes

Henry is a director of ThinFilm Solutions Ltd, based near St. Andrews in Scotland.

A thin-film designer and process specialist for 20+ years, Henry has worked with leading optics corporations such as OCLI and precision filter manufacturer NDC Infrared Engineering Ltd. Now offering design & implementation of optical coatings by several technologies; including Thermal/E-Beam PVD, Plasma/Ion-assisted processes, and recent variants of Pulsed-DC reactive deposition systems. Henry offers the following services:

  • Optical coating design service and training
  • Process design and implementation on-site
  • Vacuum system specification and sourcing
  • Critical equipment upgrades for coating operations

Michael R. Jacobson, Ph.D.
Tucson, Arizona
+1 520 748-7333

Optical Measurement Laboratory

Mike is president of Optical Data Associates in Tucson, a laboratory specializing in optical spectroscopy from UV to IR. We know of no other independent laboratory offering the same services.

facility includes several spectrophotometers with accessories such as integrating spheres and reflectance attachments:

Agilent Cary 7000 UV/Vis/NIR
Agilent Cary 5000 UV/Vis/NIR
Agilent Cary 500E UV/Vis/NIR
Perkin-Elmer 983G IR Grating
Nicolet 560 FT-IR

A complete list can be found here. ODA's newest instrument, the Cary 7000, measures absolute R/T values over a wide angular range. Other instruments: profilometer, hazemeter and fluorometer.

Whether you're a researcher with limited measurement facilities or an optical engineer requiring a 'second opinion', ODA has the means and experience to provide quick and secure optical measurement services.

Doug Bevington
Calabogie, Ontario
+1 613 293-0858

Spectrophotometer Sales and Service

Doug is president of Mono Instrument Services Ltd. Doug worked for PerkinElmer Canada Ltd. for 17 years where he was National Service Manager.

Since 1997 Doug has been servicing classic spectrophotometers (i.e. PE Lambda 9/19, 88x/983) used in optical measurements. This is especially important for dispersive IR instruments which have no current replacements. In addition to selling instruments and measurement standards, Mono offers the following repair services:

  • World-wide on-site field service
  • Depot service: instrument shipped to Mono for full repair and alignment
  • Component rebuild: components (choppers, circuit boards etc.) shipped to Mono for repair and test

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